Balenciaga chip bags are retailing for R34,000

Balenciaga chip bags are retailing for R34,000

We're not so sure that this is worth the price, but we can understand the pop culture reference...

Balenciaga Chip Bags
Balenciaga Chip Bags/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

There are just some things that work for certain fashion houses and some things that don't. 

When it comes to the high flyers, somehow, even the most bizarre fashion choices tend to be marketable and popular amongst the masses. 

From Fake Leg Boots to Brown Paper bag-inspired Lunch bags, there are a few bizarre fashion items that have made their way into people's closets.

Now, it seems Balenciaga have opted to make a pop culture item that is rather interesting.

The Spanish luxury fashion house has created a line of chip handbags that look like chunky clutches. If anything, these will make you crave a bag of chips.

The chips bag is retailing for $1,750 (R34,000) and comes in three variations. 

Made out of calfskin, it is anything but raggedy or cheap, but it's the fact that it resembles a bag of chips that gets us side-eyeing this piece of fashion. 

What do you think?

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Red Balenciaga chips bag
Red Balenciaga chips bag/Balenciaga Website Screenshot
Blue Balenciaga Bag
Blue Balenciaga Bag/Balenciaga Website Screenshot
Yellow Balenciaga Hangbag
Yellow Balenciaga Hangbag/Balenciaga Website Screenshot
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