The PHAT GM rides: The journey begins

The PHAT GM rides: The journey begins

Two local KZN businessmen are raising awareness for the SA Tourism and Hospitality industry by going the distance... literally.

Phat GM

Leon Rennison and Gerhard Botha might seem like your average businessmen.

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They both have a vast knowledge of the hospitality industry, management, and have very successful careers.

What you probably don't know is that they are also very avid mountain bikers.

So it only seems natural that when you combine all those different qualities, along with an appreciation for South African tourism, that you get the following: The PHAT GM Rides.

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What is this initiative exactly?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these two men saw the impact and effects the lockdown had on the country. 

From families to businesses, many people within this industry had fallen on hard times.

Leon and Gerhard are now asking friends, colleagues, institutions, and anyone else to support this campaign that is aiming to raise awareness, as well as funds, in aid of the SA Tourism and Hospitality industry.

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Gerhard and Leon

The ride:

"If we were going to ask people to support our various causes during these tough times, we had to dig deep and do a tour of epic proportions. For me “The Phat GM” a cycle trip of 50km is epic and beyond my comfort zone, so we decided to do a 1,000km. Makes sense...doesn't it?" Gerhard said.

On the 30th of August, the two men will officially start their lengthy expedition from Lythwood Lodge near Lidgetton, KZN to The Kitchen Windows in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape on Sunday, 27 September.

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If you want to follow them along on their journey, virtually of course, make sure to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11h30 as we get a live update!

Listen below:

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Main image courtesy of The PHAT GM Rides

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