Tee Xaba gets woke

Tee Xaba gets woke

Some slang has got us scratching our heads.


Slang has reached new heights in the year 2020.

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From "it's lit!" to "spill the tea!", there seems to be a new term or phrase entering our vocabulary every single day.

(It's low key hard to even keep up sometimes!)

Now in the last few years, women have chosen to refer to their girlfriends as 'sis' or 'sister'.

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Which at least makes more sense than some of the other slang terms we've heard - and we can agree, it's pretty fire.

Even Tee Xaba admits to using the occasional 'cute sis'.

But then she saw something on her real-life sister's WhatsApp that caught her off guard.

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Listen below to find out which new slang term left Tee shook while KZN let her know what's up:

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