Do you think AKA is an epic braaimaster?

Do you think AKA is an epic braaimaster?

You have been invited to a casual braai with one of South Africa's favourite rappers. There's one twist, though...

AKA braai master

Unfortunately, you won't be able to go to the get-together in real-life, but you can still be there in spirit!

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In case you missed it, at the start of 2020, AKA announced that he will be launching a new online TV platform.

The platform is called 'AKA TV' and is an online subscription-based site.

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If you had already signed up for the site, then you were able to watch the 13 episodes of 'The Braai Show with AKA' before anyone else.

But because of its popularity, they have decided to bring it to the anxiously waiting general public.

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From the 5th of November, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and watch as AKA and a bunch of A-listers have a classic braai bonding session on SABC1!

You can watch the trailer for the show right here:

For more unmissable moments, listen here:

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