Aliens are visiting Earth

Aliens are visiting Earth

Not really, but what if they did?


Whether you believe in aliens existing or not, that doesn't matter.

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We can all agree on one thing: Earth is a strange, but wonderful place.

Things seem to be going very well, next thing we know we have wildfires across the world, a possibility of World War Three, and now a pandemic.

And that's only the half of it.

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Now imagine there were some other lifeforms living their best lives on the other planets. 

You end up meeting one of these aliens and they ask you to describe Earth to them, as they've never heard of this planet and are curious.

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This is is something Minnie Ntuli was wondering about so she decided to ask KZN: "How would you describe Earth to one of these foreigners if you only had 30 seconds?"

Listen below to hear some of the very fascinating descriptions: 

For more unmissable moments, listen here:

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