Zodwa Wabantu says bae will take her surname "if he wants"

Zodwa Wabantu says bae will take her surname "if he wants"

Following her engagement, Zodwa has spoken out on the surname situation between her and bae. 

Zodwa and bae / Instagram
Zodwa and bae / Instagram

Everyone loves commenting on Zodwa Wabantu's life. Whether it be her thoughts, comments, or what she wears, it seems that she always finds a way into the limelight. 

A few weeks ago, she turned heads by getting down on one knee and proposing to her bae, Ntobeko Linda, at Eyadini.

Speaking to Damon Beard a few weeks back, she opened up and shared that she doesn't mind putting her all into this marriage, and even challenged stereotypes by adding that she is even willing to foot the bill for their life together. 

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You know I love me a progressive girl who doesn't mind taking the heat from the public, so I do have a special place for Zodwa, and I'm happy that she has found happiness - irrespective that the public thinks otherwise. 

While they are planning for their future, Zodwa opened up about the surname situation. Speaking to Times Live, she said that he may even take her surname, but it doesn't seem to faze her in the slightest. 

"We haven't actually spoken about this matter properly, so it may change as we sort out out life before the wedding. Yes, he will take my surname if he wants and I will take his or add his but it actually doesn't really matter because all that matters is that we are getting married. People just need to accept that we won't follow (societal) rules, we are doing this our own way," Wabantu said.

She also thought that no man would handle her initially, but she is happy she found her bit of happiness. 

And I couldn't be happier for her - especially as she's challenging how society tells her how to behave and act. Go, Zodwa! 

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