Summer ready! Zodwa Wabantu works out in a bikini

Summer ready! Zodwa Wabantu works out in a bikini

Summer is around the corner and Zodwa Wabantu is making sure she is bikini ready! 

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu caused a stir on Instagram last week when she posted a video of herself exercising in some interesting workout gear. 

The popular dancer was wearing a black bikini and a pair of pink sneakers while running on a treadmill at her home in Durban. 

Zodwa told her fans that she was "not fixing anything", adding the hashtags "fat" and "cellulite" to her caption.

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Her Instagram followers loved every second of her video.

"Stunning, silky smooth and even skin texture ...loving it," one follower wrote.

Another added: "Well done my love. I'm starting to love my body. Everyone says I got a bada** body but until I believe it myself,  I won't be able to enjoy. But I'm starting to believe. Thank you." 

But some people slammed Zodwa for allegedly making a "poor kid" record the video for her.

"Zodwa you're going fast," a young boy can be heard saying. 

One Instagram user commented: "Why [are] you making a child take videos of this?"

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