What happens if your partner rejects your proposal?

What happens if your partner rejects your proposal?

Proposing to the one you love is an important moment in a couple's relationship, but what happens when they reject you?

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We often see beautifully captured moments of couples getting engaged on social media, but what we don't see is when things take an unexpected turn - when your partner says "no".

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What happens next? Do you and your partner break up? Try to work things out and propose again? 

We don't always see the other side of these moments and Thandolwethu had to ask KZN if they had experienced it and what it was like for them.

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Below are the responses from listeners on social media:

What happens when your partner proposes and you say no, did you break up thereafter? Has this happened to you, let us know:

Posted by East Coast Radio on Sunday, June 14, 2020

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