Are public marriage proposals a bad idea?

Are public marriage proposals a bad idea?

Vic Naidoo is very much against proposing in public, but not for the reasons that you might think...

Proposal couple

Love is a wonderful thing. For many of us, marriage is the most beautiful expression of that love.

We often think about the wedding day and being surrounded by friends and family when we say, "I do".

But there is just one hurdle that you need to jump before you can even start planning the big day - the proposal.

I, like many, used to think that a proposal in public was one of the most romantic things you could do for your partner, but these days I cannot think of anything worse.

It seems obvious to me now that often the public proposal is not a romantic gesture to the person being proposed to, but rather a flashy showing off by the person doing the proposing.

Public proposals often lack the intimate, personal touch that such a moment needs, and are rather about crazy dances and creating a viral moment to be gawked at by strangers.

Don’t get me wrong, they can be perfectly effective if the person being surprised likes surprises.

Things get thorny, however, when a person pops the question and you have to reflect and think before you give your answer.

Just a few seconds can seem like a lifetime and even if you say "yes", it seems like you were not too sure.

The public pressure to say "yes", I imagine, is overwhelming.

What’s worse is that if you say "no", regardless of how valid your reasons are, you will always come off like a villain and in turn be forced to publicly humiliate someone who you care about deeply.

It’s just not worth it.

Do you think public marriage proposals are a good idea?

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