“You should never have quit” – A message from my teenage self

“You should never have quit” – A message from my teenage self

What would the teenage you say to the current you as you are today?

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Teenagers usually have big dreams for the future with every little thing written out like a fairy tale. 

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‘I’ll be really successful and happily married with children, living in the suburbs with two dogs and lots of money,’ is where most of us think we’ll be when we get older.

But then life happens, and we learn that the big bad world isn’t as simple as we thought it was.

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“It hit me when I was in the bathroom at work the other day and saw a pamphlet offering counselling services. I realised that during my life I had been through three of the addictions on that pamphlet,” says Thandolwethu.

She then wondered what the ‘teenage Thandolwethu’ would say to her today, because none of what she had been through was part of ‘the plan'.

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Take a listen to what KZN said and let us know what the teenage you would say about the current you today. 

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