Yikes! Massive billboard collapses on pedestrians in China

Yikes! Massive billboard collapses on pedestrians in China

Billboards were designed to stand out and grab attention from onlookers. One particular billboard in China did just that and caused a few injuries in the process.

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Billboard collapses / YouTube

Imagine coming out of a shopping centre, you’re walking along the sidewalk looking up at a massive four meter-tall billboard next to you, and in the blink of an eye it collapses? Terrifying, right?

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Well, this nightmare sadly came true for four pedestrians recently in Northern China when the massive billboard came tumbling down outside a shopping mall in Changchun City, TimesLive reports.

Four people were injured in the process, but thankfully they were not seriously injured, and only one remains in hospital recovering from the crash. 

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Don't blink while watching this, or you might just miss it. 

Watch the video below:

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