Watch: Joburg failed hijacking attempt caught on CCTV

Watch: Joburg failed hijacking attempt caught on CCTV

These occupants are lucky to walk away from this unharmed. 

jhb hijacking 2018
Facebook (Intelligence Bureau SA)

It’s the classic scenario of a hijacking in South Africa. At night, normal people like you and me arrive home and pull into our driveways but fear and paranoia always sets in, checking over your shoulder to make sure that no one is following you.

The Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page posted disturbing CCTV footage of an attempted hijacking in Johannesburg which shows criminals trying to rob occupants of a car.

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"YHC 438 GP Ford Fiesta silver, involved in an Attempted hijacking/armed robbery on Altham road, Robertsham yesterday evening at 20:50", the post read.

According to TimesLive, a vehicle drives up the driveway and a few minutes later, two men with guns get out of a vehicle, waving it at the occupants. 

Little do these hijackers know that they’ve been caught on CCTV. Their plans were interrupted by a passing motorist causing them to flee the scene. 

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Many took to the post to share their comments on the incident. 

'Set your gates to close as soon as you drive past the sensors!', said Brian Wilsenach. While Jean Sissing added, 'Best to reverse in.. keep you (sic) engine running until gate is closed'. 

Either way, I'm just glad that the situation did not turn ugly. Be safe out there people! 

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