WATCH: Drone footage captures devastation and damages caused by KZN Tornado

WATCH: Drone footage captures devastation and damages caused by KZN Tornado

Pietermaritzburg resident Rakesh Morar has shot devastating drone footage following the KZN tornado which ripped through the province this week. 

Drone footage / Rakesh Morar (Instagram)
Drone footage / Rakesh Morar (Instagram)

The province of KZN has been going through a lot these past few days. We've had an earth tremor, crazy rains, hailstones, and even two tornados. 

The most recent tornado took place on Thursday. It ripped through the Bergville area.

Pictures and videos have been doing the rounds showing the devastation following the tornado. Pietermaritzburg resident Rakesh Morar, who is not new to the East Coast Radio website, sent his drone up in the Mpolweni area not far from Albert Falls - and he was shocked at what he saw. Mpolweni is roughly 30 minutes away from Pietermaritzburg.

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"The day after the tornado I was in Durban and Durbanites were asking if the tornado was a real occurrence. Memes were also going around. I figured instead of making or sharing memes, I could capture the damages and rather than just showing that it really happened. I thought it could also encourage people to assist or make contributions to the companies that can make a difference," said Morar.

Rakesh added that his footage is not meant to only help that one area, but it's to take a stand and help wherever the public can during these difficult times.

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On Friday morning, he shared the footage to his Facebook page. The video shows the homes that were in the path of the tornado, and it's heartbreaking to say the least. 

Watch the video below:

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