Watch: Damon pulls hilarious prank on new colleague

Watch: Damon pulls hilarious prank on new colleague

This 'first-day memory' is one that this new East Coast Radio staff member will never forget for the rest of her life! 

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We have a new employee at East Coast Radio and, of course, I had to welcome her into the fold in a very special way. So instead of giving her a bunch of flowers and a hug, I decided to go the hilarious route and play an innocent prank on her.

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Manile was understandably very nervous on her first day. If you can think back to the time when you started your first day at work, you will agree that nerves play a big part? One of the most common things to think is 'I hope that I don't mess up on day 1'. So just to welcome her to the ECR family, I decided to welcome her with a little initiation.

She was a bit on the edge but such a friendly person. After being shown where the vacuum cleaner was and steering her in the direction of the studio, she was even more nervous.

So imagine her horror when she plugged the vacuum cleaner in and I turned off all the sound in the studio, making out as if she'd blown the switch and taken us off air? The shock and horror! 

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Poor, Manile. She was such a sport about it and breathed a huge sigh of relief when she realised that it was all just an innocent bit of fun.

Welcome to the ECR family, Manile! 

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