Transgender teen girl is UK's first crowned Prom Queen

Transgender teen girl is UK's first crowned Prom Queen

This girl is said to have experienced the 'best moment of her life' after she was nominated by her fellow students to be Prom Queen.

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Listen as a transgender listener shares a very special message with Damon in the podcast then read more below:

Being crowned Prom Queen is a huge thing for any young girl at school. It is a moment that one would never ever forget and a memory that would last forever.

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Imagine how much more special it is when you're a 16-year-old transgender pupil and it's the last thing you expect? Where most people would possibly shy away from transgender people, Luis, now Lori, has been welcomed by her classmates who voted for her to become Prom Queen.

According to Daily Mail, 16-year-old Lori Beynon (who was born Luis) started her transition process over two years ago when she first told her mom via a text message. One can only imagine how much courage she had to pluck up to do that?

Lori had never worn a proper dress until her year end prom and when she did, she felt like a queen. It has been said that she is one of the UK's first transgender individuals to be crowned as Prom Queen. What a momentous thing to celebrate.

Growing up she had always wanted to be a girl, even going to the extent of wrapping a towel around her head to pretend that she had long hair. Thankfully, when she told her 37-year-old mom, she was super supportive and walked with her throughout her journey.

How times have changed, or are changing. It really is great to see people accepting people just as they are. Lori, a 'big up' to you for taking such a big step at such a young age. As adults, I hope we can learn a lesson or two from this young adult about bravery and courage.

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