The Tokoloshe: Just a myth or a scary reality?
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The Tokoloshe: Just a myth or a scary reality?

If you grew up in South Africa, you will have heard the folklore about the tokoloshe, right? While some believe that it is purely a story created to scare children, one KZN man insists that the creature is currently haunting him.

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Find out what KZN had to say about the tokoloshe in the podcast, or read more below:

Tokoloshes - myth or reality? That's the question I asked myself after receiving a voice note from a very concerned KZN man. 

In case you didn't know or haven't heard of it before, Van Hunks reports that a tokoloshe is believed to be a dwarf zombie-like creature, and is believed to be of Xhosa origins. Supposedly a tokoloshe is friendly to kids and rather focuses on adults, since it is under the influence of an evil spirit. 

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Now back to that concerned KZN man I was talking about. He sent us a voicenote on the WhatsApp line to share his terrifying experience, and how he's convinced that it is a tokoloshe that's giving him trouble. 

Listen to what he had to say, then read more under the podcast:

I remember as a child seeing our domestic worker raising her bed on bricks so that the tokoloshe couldn't reach her.

As kids growing up, we all had our own fears of things that would come out in the dark, and often as I lay in bed and hear weird noises, I’d think of my domestic and understand how real her fears were.

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Personally, I've never been one to believe in folklore or myths, but after hearing the true fear in this KZN man's voice, I'm not too sure anymore.

What do you think - are tokoloshes just a myth or could it be possible that they are real? 

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