Can you spot the ghost in this video?

Can you spot the ghost in this video?

Darren Maule spotted a 'ghost' just outside the control room in the East Coast Radio studios. Watch the video Darren recorded and see if you can spot it too.

Darren and the ECR Ghost

Everyone knows that when Darren Maule is in the building, the aircon has to be switched on. Lately, however, the aircon has been switching 'itself' on and off at the same time every morning.

None of the staff ever own up to playing the fool with Darren, but it seems like they are all telling the truth.

While Darren was enjoying his coffee this morning, he decided to record his vlog in selfie mode, however, he caught something else on camera that's somewhat spooky considering it's Friday the 13th.

Take a look at the video below:

Did you spot the ghost in the video?

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