School fee payments during lockdown: KZN Education weighs in

School fee payments during lockdown: KZN Education weighs in

KZN Department of Education weighed in with guidelines of what parents should do about payments during this lockdown.

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The South African COVID-19 lockdown has put a strain on many pockets. People are having to juggle spending their money on essential items to get them through the duration of the lockdown. 

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With many companies applying a 'no work, no pay' policy, many families are feeling the pinch. The growing number of COVID-19 cases and deaths has created large uncertainty and has people asking if the lockdown will really be lifted next Thursday... 

Last night, we posed a question to followers on our Facebook page: Have you paid your child's school fees for this month or did your school waiver them?

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The answers varied, but many people mentioned that they are unable to pay their school fees in this current climate. The ripple effect then means that educators will not be paid and their families too will suffer the strain.

Here is what you had to say:

After reading your comments, we contacted the Department of Education to find out how parents and educators should handle the payment of school fees during the lockdown period. When asked about not paying school fees during the lockdown period, this is what Muzi Mahlambi from the KZN Department of Education had to say; " there is nothing that suggests that there is a month that is free, school fees are paid for tuition throughout the year but currently we will always make arrangements. Those that can afford will pay it once, there are those that will say we will pay it over twelve months, there are those that will say they can pay it over six months and some will pay it quarterly. So, it depends on the affordability of an individual parent to make such arrangements, but we are always open as stipulated by South African Schools Act, that should any parent or student have any problem what so ever, they should approach the school to make arrangements. We even have exemptions for parents who cannot afford to pay school fees due to their financial circumstances."

Click the link below to find out more information about what Mr Mahlambi had to say: 

Through these uncertain times, we urge you all to follow the lockdown rules, maintain social distance, and only leave home for essential items. Following these basic rules can help us all as a community.

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