Rowan 'Mr Bean' Atkinson to become a dad again at 62

Rowan 'Mr Bean' Atkinson to become a dad again at 62

On Monday's Big Debate, Damon wanted to know how old is too old to become a father?

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Listen as KZN share their thoughts with Damon in the podcast then read more below:

Well-known comedian and actor 'Mr Bean', whose real name is Rowan Atkinson, is set to become a dad again. While it may not seem like major news, many are up in arms that he is reproducing again at age 62. Rowan has two children from previous marriages, Ben and Lily, who are 23 and 21 respectively.

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Rowan and his partner, 33-year-old Louise Ford, have been together since 2014. She is an actor who starred in the popular comedy TV series, 'The Windsors'.

When the news circulated on social media, many were a bit surprised that he's already in his 60s and is going to be a dad. He is not the first star to become an 'older dad'. Steve Martin was 67 when he became a dad and Sir Mick Jagger was 73.

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It made me think though, is age just a number when it comes to fatherhood? It just seems to make more sense if a man has a child at a younger age rather than when he's old enough to become the child's grandfather?

Obviously, the child would benefit from having a young father who still has the energy to play with that child, but in saying that, is it such a big deal if a dad is 62?

Do you think there's a certain cut-off age for men who want to become fathers?

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