Play It Forward: The four boys giving sporting opportunities to underprivileged kids

Play It Forward: The four boys giving sporting opportunities to underprivileged kids

This group of boys are changing the game, one school at a time. 

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A hard kick sends the grass-stained ball flying across the field. He sprints to receive it, dashes towards the goalposts, and scores! Somaan Khan, Aazan Khan, Ross Garrett, and Michael Adamson love sport. Nothing gets their blood pumping more than a thrilling soccer or cricket match. But not every child has the privilege, access, or equipment to participate. Realising this, the Grade 7 students have started an initiative that’s bringing more players to the pitch. “All kids deserve to have fun,” Aazan says.

Inspired by their parents, who cook for the homeless, the group decided to align their passion with a plan to help less fortunate children. They founded Play It Forward Jozi, a programme that collects second-hand sports equipment and redistributes it to underprivileged schools and communities. This includes kits, bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and soccer balls. In the past year, the group has donated over 3 000 items and changed hundreds of lives. Not only does sport aid in building children’s confidence, it’s also a crucial aspect to their mental and physical development.

Based in Johannesburg, the boys host regular presentations at schools to encourage action so that they’re able to donate to as many communities as possible. “Exercise and sport are important for a well-rounded life,” Ross says. Instead of simply noticing social barriers, these boys are kicking for inclusion. The ability to make a lasting impact, like they have, can start at any age. 

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