Meet the woman who saves forgotten bunnies

Meet the woman who saves forgotten bunnies

Caught in a fluffle? It’s time to go on a rabbit rescue mission.

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A fluffle – that’s what Sian Huyser found herself in. When she moved to Noordhoek, she discovered numerous abandoned rabbits in the neighbourhood. So she rescued them. Every single one. Now she has over 100 bunnies in her garden. Being surrounded by so many seems like a dream. In reality, it’s work. “One of the most challenging jobs is caring for a misunderstood pet such as a rabbit,” Huyser says. While there are multiple rescue organisations for cats and dogs, bunnies remain the forgotten pets. 

Seen as cute and cuddly, the animals are quite the novelty when they’re bought – especially over Easter. Though they’re small in size, rabbits aren’t necessarily low maintenance, and most of them don’t enjoy being picked up. As people lose interest, many set the creatures loose. In 2017, Huyser founded Noordhoek Bunny Rescue to take these strays under her wing. With a series of hutches in her garden, as well as a network of foster parents, she offers them a sanctuary.

Huyser’s work is imperative to preventing a larger problem. Left to their own devices, rabbits breed at a startling rate, so Huyser ensures they’re sterilised. For people who wish to give these bunnies loving homes, Huyser urges them to think twice before supporting the market for them. “There are so many rescues that can be adopted,” she says. Commitment is all it takes to protect these creatures. “You don’t need training or lots of money to care,” Huyser says. “You just need a big heart and a desire to learn.” Now that’s a philosophy worth hopping on to. 

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