Never lie on your CV! This is why...

Never lie on your CV! This is why...

Who would have guessed that his boss would want him to play the piano for a board of directors! 

A guy lied on his CV saying that he'd mastered the art of playing the piano at the age of 15... and was then asked to play before the company's Board of Directors!

He suddenly had to come up with a pack of lies and finally went with the excuse that he suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so he managed to get out of it because his bosses turned out to be quite sympathetic.

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But one of his mates called him out on it and took the matter to Twitter, posting that her friend had told a tiny white lie on his CV - and he'd been called out on it.

People saw the funny side though and decided to give him a million excuses that he could use to get out of the performance.

Some people thought it was all over for him.

There were some bad suggestions on how to get out of playing the piano.

The guy opted against the voluntary arm break and went for carpal tunnel syndrome instead.

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