Student helps homeless guy post CV on Twitter

Student helps homeless guy post CV on Twitter

Student who shared homeless man's CV on Twitter to help him find a job delighted by "amazing" response to the Twitter post.


A student called Aaron O'Dwyer shared a homeless man’s CV on social media to help him find a job said he was overwhelmed by the “amazing” reaction to his post.

Aaron O'Dwyer told exactly why he decided to help this homeless man:

‘I was on my way back from an interview, I was walking around Bold Street and I saw him sat at the side of the road.

‘I saw he was homeless, he didn’t look much older than me so I gave him £5 and he insisted I took his CV.’

He added: ‘I saw that it was a pretty sad plea for help so I thought if I put it on Twitter someone in Liverpool might know him or offer help.’

The post has now been retweeted 1,300 times and offers of support have flooded in, including from Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson.

Here is Aaron's Tweet:




Take a look at the Jordan's full CV here:

What selfless good deed have you done for someone that was less fortunate than you?

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