'My boyfriend married someone else on our second anniversary'

'My boyfriend married someone else on our second anniversary'

A listener called in to share an interesting story. She found out she was dating someone that was married and pretended as if it was nothing.

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Listen to the audio or read the details below: 

Thandolwethu shared her own dilemma about being invited to her friend's man's wedding - and wasn't sure what to do. Should she go to the wedding and not say anything to her friend?

KZN assisted with responses and shared their opinion on what she should do. But then, she got an interesting call from a listener, Zanele. She called in to say that her boyfriend got married on their two-year anniversary to someone else. He then came after the wedding and took her out with his friends and pretended that nothing had happened.

We're just as shocked as you are! Listen to how KZN responded to Zanele's situation.

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