Meet the women who are making money from crying at funerals

Meet the women who are making money from crying at funerals

A group of women from Ghana are using their tears and emotions to make a living.

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Funerals and death- we may not like them, but sadly they are a fact of life. It can be quite a difficult thing to manage your emotions during the loss of a loved one. Tears are a good outlet to release painful feelings, but for some, it's difficult to express themselves. Maybe for some, but not for these women from Ghana.  

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After losing their husbands, a group of widows have decided to make themselves some extra money. Are they knitting scarves and blankets or making tea? Not a chance! They’re hiring themselves out at other people’s funerals to cry for those who can't cry themselves. The cost of the 'service' is dependent on the size of the funeral. 

Dressed respectfully in black, the women turn on the waterworks during the funeral for all the attendees to see. I must add that I was surprised to see that it looks real and not staged.  

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Are they doing anything wrong? Not according to them, and they say they’re merely crying for people who don’t know how to express themselves.

Watch below:

Is this 'service' a bad thing? Do you think it's offensive or each to their own? Share your comments below. 

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