"Lockdown took me from panicked to mechanic"

"Lockdown took me from panicked to mechanic"

With businesses and services being closed during the last few months, South Africans have learnt to adapt and overcome by taking matters into their own hands.


What happens when your washing machine decides to give up on you or your car starts making those weird noises?

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You call someone to come and fix it.

Not during lockdown, though.

During this time we have had to learn how to DIY everything! From baking the now-iconic banana bread to learning how to do your own hair, and everything in between.

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Google became our best friend and YouTube was always right there to lend a helping hand when needed.

That's why Tee Xaba asked KZN: "What have you managed to do without calling a professional?"

Listen here to find out how someone even fixed their brake pads by themselves:

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