"I'm not pregnant..." and other embarrassing stories

"I'm not pregnant..." and other embarrassing stories

No matter how cool you think you are, we all have had that moment where something so embarrassing happens that we wish we could disappear off the face of the earth.


What about that moment where someone is waving and you wave back, only to realise they were waving at the person behind you?

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Maybe you accidentally sent a personal message to your boss?

The list goes on... 

But life would not be the great joy that it is without these embarrassing moments. 

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Foot-in-mouth syndrome might cause some awkward interactions, but it could be quite entertaining for the surrounding witnesses.

Although certain experiences are definitely more shameful than others.

Listen below to hear Minni Ntuli share her most recent embarrassing moment with KZN:

Listen here for more unmissable Thandolwethu moments:

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