Listen: "I'm tired of hearing about my best friend's continuous failed relationships"

Listen: "I'm tired of hearing about my best friend's continuous failed relationships"

A woman has shared a voice note of how frustrated she is with her best friend for continuously involving her in her relationships that end up failing.

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Listen to Monday's debate, or read the details under the podcast:

You know how it is when you’re in a new romance. You’re bursting with excitement, and you just want to pitch up at your mate's house and casually show off your new 'bae', even though it’s probably not the best thing to do.

When your friend takes the step of introducing you to their other half, you would think that there is a certain level of seriousness, right? But things become complicated when you are continuously introduced to these partners, form a bond with them, and then your friend breaks up with them.

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A woman has expressed her frustration at having to deal with a friend who is a chronic dater and who insists that she introduces her new flames to her friends. It's becoming an annoying situation, and she's had enough of it. 

Here's what she had to say:

Well it seems that her friend heard her voice note, and sent us a reply that she wanted us to play on-air. 

Listen below:

I don’t think there’s a rule book on when or where you should introduce your significant other to your friends, but should you wait a while before doing? Until such a time as a 'future' can be seen?

Is it fair to expect your friends to wait a while before introducing you to their partner? Share your thoughts with me below.

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