Inseparable: Conjoined twins from India say they want to live as they are

Inseparable: Conjoined twins from India say they want to live as they are

Twins from an impoverished town in India were diagnosed with a rare medical condition, but that did not stop them from living their lives to the fullest.

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Shivanath and Shivram Sahu, who are brothers from Central India, are two young boys who do pretty much everything other 12-year-old boys do. They walk to school together, ride a bicycle, and play cricket.  

I forgot to mention that what makes the pair different is that they are conjoined twins who cause people to stare wherever they go. 

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The pair drop to the floor and make their way around like a spider. The youngsters, who were born joined at the waist, share two legs and four arms. They are believed to share the same stomach. Each have their own lungs, heart, and brain.

The brothers work in tandem to get around and as uncomfortable as it seems, they have said that they don’t want to be separated and want to stay the way they are – even when they grow old. 

Even though doctors believe it is possible to separate the twins, the boys’ father says that he wouldn’t separate them, even if he had the money to do so.

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Watching them will inspire you, and will make you grateful for the body that you have.

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