Hippo caught on video roaming the streets of St. Lucia

Hippo caught on video roaming the streets of St. Lucia

Not phased by his surroundings, this hippo wanted to explore civilization by taking a leisurely stroll past a petrol station.

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If you've been to St. Lucia, you'll know that you can get up close and personal with the wildlife of the area.

Normally, you'd need to actually make the effort to go and see the crocs and hippos, but once in a while, the wildlife comes to you - whether you like it or not.

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YouTuber Sun_Chaser has taken to his account to upload a video of a wild hippo casually roaming the main street in St. Lucia. This hippo is on a mission to explore his surroundings and is not concerned about who or what is in his way. This must have been such a majestic thing to witness?!

Considering that this is a wild animal, imagine the panic when a hefty hippo wanted a bit of attention and pulled into a petrol station? Although many would have stopped to admire him, naturally a bit of panic would set in.

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Watch it unfold below.

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