Got milk? Woman quits job to breastfeed boyfriend

Got milk? Woman quits job to breastfeed boyfriend

This story, which made the rounds back in 2016, has recently surfaced again and is still surprising many after reading it.

woman breastfeeds boyfriend

Just when I thought I'd heard it all - this story pops up again on my timeline and let's just say that I was so surprised at reading the headline - I had to read a bit further.

In this day and age, relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Since we're living in the modern age, we should be used to relationships that go against the grain, but this one took me a bit by surprise.

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According to the New York Post, Jennifer, a mom who had children 20 years ago, has quit her job because she wants to start an adult breastfeeding relationship (also known as an Adult Nursing Relationship) with a guy named Brad.

She started searching for men who would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding when she read about the pure joy it brought others. For some, chocolates and flowers do the trick, but for others, breastfeeding is the real treat in their lives. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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I read an interesting statistic which revealed that in worldwide Google searches "my husband wants me to breastfeed him" is a more popular search term than "my husband wants to separate" and "my husband wants a baby" - combined!

Jennifer and Brad need to induce lactation by dry-feeding and pumping her breasts every two hours, just as if she was feeding a baby.

People are quick to judge, but in this day and age, if these two people aren't causing any harm to anyone else, is this such a big deal?

As a woman - if your crush was interested in a 'nursing relationship', would you be willing to give it a try or does this just overstep the mark?

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