Couples reveal their weird relationship rules

Couples reveal their weird relationship rules

"Do NOT offer me soup when I’m hungry!" Couples reveal their relationship rules.

Couples reveal their weird relationship rules

They say a good relationship is like a game of chess (the Queen should always protect her King), but who knew they required just as many - if not more - rules.

Some of these rules may seem a bit silly, but these couples mean business. 

Carol's husband has one major rule - she is not allowed to twerk! 

Her husband has banned her from doing it and says that it belongs in the strip club, and not on the dance floor. 

He says that his wife will do no such thing.

But Carol's husband is not the only spouse with an interesting relationship rule. 

Baltimore's Mix 106.5 recently asked its listeners to reveal their weird relationship rules, and some of the responses are hilarious. 

This woman hated her husband's rule so much that she stopped doing his laundry! 

“My husband hates the way I fold his jeans and socks, so almost 15 years later I still don’t do the laundry. Yay me!”

We have to agree with this rule! Don't mess with a hungry spouse.

“My husband knows he’s taking his life in his own hands when I’m starving and he suggests soup for dinner. Who gets filled up on soup?? So, that’s one of my rules. Do NOT offer me soup when I’m hungry.”

At some point in your relationship you will accidentally (or intentionally) pass gas, but be careful where you do it!

“My husband is NOT allowed to fart in the kitchen.”

We think this relationship rule might be a bit too extreme.

“Separate bathrooms. Husband not allowed in mine. Last week we realised he had never seen my walk-in closet which is through the bathroom. I gave him a guided tour.”

Well, this couple must have an interesting (or not so interesting) sex life.

“Nipples are off limits for my hubby!”

What are some of your relationship rules? Share them in the comments section below:

Take a listen below as Ricky outs one of Carol's relationship rule which involves twerking.  

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