Durban man finds unknown sea ‘creature’ on local beach

Durban man finds unknown sea ‘creature’ on local beach

It’s alive - and it’s moving! Can you help Damon figure out what this is?

unknown creature beach
Twitter / @luckygordy

If you’re a beach lover like me, you would know that you are bound to find some weird and wonderful things lying around. But what in the world is this thing? 

Twitter user @LuckyGordy tweeted out a video of a plant-like ‘creature’ recently. His post was captioned: ‘Anyone have any idea of what this is? Found on Virginia Beach’.

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Here’s the voice note he sent me following his discovery:

It kind of looks like a whole ton of shell-like shaped things with live ‘thingamabobs’ coming out of them. Almost like arms reaching out, and a hand at the end of it trying to grab onto anything and everything. Weird!

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Check it out for yourself below: 

I’ve never ever seen one in my life before but maybe you have? Do you know what this might be? Please help! Share your comments below.

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