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Creepy unidentified creature terrifies Argentinian residents

Some have gone as far as to say that this creature could be a demon. Damon wants to know what you think it is?

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Last week, I chatted about a strange sighting in the sky. Many weren't sure what it was, and neither was I. If you thought that was weird, wait until you check this bizarre creature out!

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The weird animal-like creature is terrorising a town in Argentina, and many can’t seem to work out what kind of animal it is.

It looks like a giant, thin four-legged animal that appears to be about seven-feet tall with a hunched back and a head similar to a horse's. On Air With Ryan Seacrest reports that locals have said that they think it’s a demon - not too sure how they know what that looks like?

Could this be an over-sized dog? Whatever it is, it has already killed two dogs in the area and is causing residents to go into a panic. 

What do you think it is? Let me know below.

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