Deformed calf born with one huge eye worshipped in India

Deformed calf born with one huge eye worshipped in India

Holy cow! Locals in India have taken a mutant calf under their wing after it was rejected by its mother, and have begun worshipping it as a 'God'.

Calf born with one eye / YouTube
Calf born with one eye / YouTube

Is it too early in the year to start talking about bizarre creatures found around the world? We think not! 

Damon had a great year in 2018 talking about the strangest and weirdest creatures he found on the internet, but this one is like no other. 

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Mirror has reported that locals in West Bengal, India have found a deformed calf born with one massive eye. They are convinced that it was "sent from God". 

Locals have started caring for the calf and even started worshipping it after considering it as a "miracle from God". 

According to Washington Post, Hindus show great respect for the cow as it "is associated with Aditi, the mother of all the gods." It is also said that killing or hurting a cow is not accepted amongst Hindus.

The 15-second video clip doing the rounds shows the calf with one massive eye and no nose on the ground breathing heavily whilst locals talk in the background.

Watch below:

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