Can we preserve the bloodline of Kenya’s last living super tuskers?

Can we preserve the bloodline of Kenya’s last living super tuskers?

World Elephant Day – Like living relics from a bygone era, the last of Africa’s big tusker elephants roam in a vast, remote wilderness in Kenya.

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Right now, we are experiencing a rare moment. We have a window to preserve a line of living legends. Among elephants, giants known as super tuskers roam. Their heavy tusks grow so long and fast that they scrape the ground as they walk, exuding majesty and stirring awe. But there are fewer than 30 of these remarkable creatures left. 

Poaching is the primary cause for the plummet in elephant populations worldwide, and super tuskers are in constant peril because of their massive trophies. The majority of Africa’s remaining super tuskers live in the Tsavo Conservation Area in Kenya. Here, the Tsavo Trust was established purely for the safeguarding of these precious pachyderms. Dedicated to the protection of the animals, they closely monitor the expansive region with the indispensable help of light aircraft. 

The fight is unabating, difficult, and worth it. If poaching can be eradicated in the area, they will succeed at keeping the big tusk genes in the bloodline. Once, super tuskers were thought to be extinct. But they aren’t a memory yet. The elephants of Tsavo are still with us. Now is our chance to save these legends from becoming myths. 

To contribute to this crucial cause, donate to the Tsavo Trust here.

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