This teenager from the Bronx tutors 700,000 students over TikTok

This teenager from the Bronx tutors 700 000 students over TikTok

A 16-year-old whiz-kid from the Bronx is using TikTok to tutor his peers in math and science.

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Like most 16-year-olds, Alexis Loveraz spends his free time scrolling through social media. But he’s no ordinary teenager. Instead of using these platforms to share memes, this whiz kid is helping others embrace learning and master their homework. “Education can be fun,” Loveraz says. “You just have to know how to make it interesting.” 

A student from the Bronx, Loveraz excelled in Maths and Science, grasping complex concepts and formulas with ease. So when he noticed his fellow classmates were falling behind, he decided to extend his passion for studying to others using the popular video-sharing network TikTok. From head scratching algebra equations to electron configurations, Loveraz breaks it down using simple methods and catchy soundtracks in his videos. He even dabbles in the odd Korean lesson. “People make jokes about kids hating school,” Loveraz says. “I think there’s a problem with that.” With the advent of technology, youth can embrace a new age of digital learning where the only limit is internet bandwidth and imagination.

With a following of over 700 000, Loveraz’s approach to teaching has multiplied teenagers’ interest in their schoolwork. “Being able to help people all over the world means so much to me,” Loveraz says. Hosting lessons on Google Classroom and Discord as well, Loveraz aims to expand his reach and remind youth that they’re never too young to make a difference. “Not everyone has a solution to solve the world's problems,” he says. “But everyone can do their part to be a little bit better.”

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