Bride left unimpressed by groom's pig-themed wedding

Bride left unimpressed by groom's pig-themed wedding

There are some pretty crazy themes for weddings out there, but this has to be the craziest and most bizarre one yet?!

pig themed wedding

Every girl dreams of her big day - her wedding. But dreams of a traditional wedding in the countryside turned into a nightmare when this bride was forced to walk down the aisle surrounded by pigs. What?! 

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Well, Billy, whose bride-to-be Steph's nickname is 'little piggy', thought he'd spend his £14,000 budget (that's just over R245,000) on a pig-themed wedding by not only choosing a pig farm as a wedding venue but also hiring 50 pigs.

He went one step further by dressing the bridesmaids in pig onesies and while some thought his idea was hilarious, others called the groom 'beyond dumb'. The cake was also pig themed.

When 'little piggy' Steph arrived at the venue, she thought it was a joke, saying: "I don't want pigs at my wedding, it's gone to the extremes I just want this over with."

He even called up the Guinness Book of World Records in an attempt to set a record for having a pig parade at a wedding. I understand him having a pet name for his bride, but did he have to take it so literally?

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I recently read of a naked wedding theme on social media. All guests had to, well, pitch up naked. And what's weird is that everyone seemed pretty happy to do so. For me, uhm, I'll pass on that one.

What's the weirdest or strangest theme you've ever seen at an event?

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