The most bizarre 'Guinness World Record' stunt ever?

The most bizarre 'Guinness World Record' stunt ever?

We don't recommend you try this, well, ever.

Can you imagine climbing stairs while balancing another person on your head? Absolutely insane!

This is the most mind-boggling stunt we've seen in a very long time! How is it even possible?

Brothers from Vietnam, Giang Quoc Nghiep and Giang Quoc C performed one of the most dangerous stunt ever recorded by Guinness World Record.

What was it for?

For climbing the most consecutive stairs while balancing a person on your head!

The video of the one brother balancing the other brother's head on his head was taken as they climbed 90 steps of Saint Mary's Cathedral in Girona, Spain, in just 52 seconds!

It sounds confusing, so take a look for yourself:

Absolutely amazing!

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