Big Favour: Family gets much-needed support for the winter blues

Big Favour: Family gets much-needed support for the winter blues

If it wasn't for Musgrave Centre, this family would not be warm this winter!

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I received a desperate email from Carol.

The recent cold front had forced her to send me a message asking for help.

As winter knocked like a menace at her front door, she and her children hid indoors fearing the elements.

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The kids want to be outside playing, but mom Carol can't let them go out as they just don't have any warm clothes.

Times are tough and if the children get sick, there's no extra money to send them to the doctor.

The children are still in the same clothes they've had for years. The long pants have just become knee-length shorts. They have no pyjamas, shoes or winter wear, but they don't complain at all.

Their shorts are torn beyond wearable condition.

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Carol explained that she's just about making enough for food and accommodation, so new or even second hand clothes are just something she can't afford.

It was a quick call to Nicole Gounden, the Marketing Manager of Musgrave Centre, who was so excited to come on board and offer Carol and her family a R5,000 shopping voucher.

Carol was ecstatic and she'll soon be visiting Musgrave Centre (115 Musgrave Road) to buy her family some blankets and warm clothes.

You can call Musgrave Centre on 031 277 8420.

Musgrave Centre hosts the Roof Top Night Market on the first Friday every month.  

The vision for the event is to create a platform where local entrepreneurs can sell their unique creations. We have a great selection of food and craft stalls as well as kiddies activities and a live band at each event. 

The next market takes place on the 7th of July in the level 5 parking lot from 5 – 9:30pm. Visit or checkout Musgrave Centre's Facebook page for more information.


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