Woman 'travels the world' without leaving her apartment

Woman 'travels the world' without leaving her apartment

This New Zealand woman is exploring all parts of the world from the comfort of her home and has got amazing photos to prove it!

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So, it's already July. Seven months down and it seems that year after year we keep asking the same question - where has the time gone?

Sometimes we are so busy and consumed with life and our career that we forget (or simply don't have the time) to take a break for some much needed R&R! 

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It may be easy for us just to file that leave application, wait for it to get approved, book a weekend away, and pack our bags. But have you ever stopped to think about those who desperately need to go out and experience the beauty of the outdoors but simply can't? 

According to Mayo Clinic, Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder which causes people affected by it to feel like they cannot go outside. Individuals suffering from Agoraphobia feel anxious when it comes to the great outdoors, causing them to seek comfort by staying indoors where they feel safe.

A New Zealand woman suffering from Agoraphobia has found a way for her to get out and explore what the world has to offer without ever leaving her home. Using Google Street View, she has 'captured' portraits of places from far and wide as she finds her escape by venturing out to different parts of the world. She's set up an Instagram profile called @streetview.portaits to showcase her adventures.  

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Hopefully after seeing these pictures, you will be inspired to take a break and go on an adventure of our own. It doesn't even need to be an overseas trip. You can start in your own hometown.

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