What is the one conversation you really dread having with your child?

Which conversation with your kid do you dread?

It seems that the "birds and the bees" talk is no longer the scariest conversation parents need to have with their kids.

Let's talk about sex in schools

Sitting down to talk about “the birds and the bees” used to be the most dreaded conversation for parents to have with their kids. According to a new survey that isn’t the case for many modern moms and dads. 

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A total of 1,000 British parents took part in the study conducted by BT, which found that 56% of parents interviewed would rather talk to their children about sex and puberty than learn about new online features, trends, and gadgets.

The survey also mentioned that "with digital technology transforming every element of our day to day lives, it’s increasingly vital that parents have the knowledge they need to talk with their children about how they use technology.

"Whilst many parents are familiar with classic acronyms used on social media by children, such as lol, btw and atm, new acronyms remain a mystery. Only one in five parents understand pos (parent over shoulder) and 10% don’t understand any acronyms at all. Similarly, 35% of parents say they aren’t familiar with the platforms and apps their children frequently use."

Stacey then asked KZN: What is the one conversation you really dread having with your child?

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