New book helps parents navigate the world of parenting

New book helps parents navigate the world of parenting

Paul Bushell, a South African psychologist, has launched his book, #RaisingKids, with practical tools to assist parents raising children in the current, fast-paced world we have become accustomed with.

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Any parent will know the task of guiding a little life is pretty difficult and it is a full-time job that requires a lot of love, dedication, and understanding.

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We sometimes wish there was a parenting handbook to help us out...

Enter #RaisingKids. This book exceeds a little guidance and is instead an inspiring tool that aids with fun interactive activities that spark conversations fueled by consciousness and engagement. I am so delighted to have done the foreword for this book.

The reality is that we are raising our children in a world that is nothing like the one we were raised in. Computers, cellphones, the internet, social networks, dating online - the list goes on. It is a world where things change at the drop of a hat! 

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Old careers are null and void, and there are even newer careers that I barely understand. When I was growing up, there were the conventional careers, like doctors, lawyers, and accountants that most parents would have preferred their children getting into, but now our children can have jobs that no longer require them to even leave home! I can imagine William Shakespeare shuddering in his grave over this! That is where this incredible book by Paul Bushell comes in. 

The fun activities in the book focus on growing emotional intelligence around areas such as resilience, communication, curiosity, self-image, empathy, and embracing diversity. 

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According to the press release, the journal includes interactive features, including cut-outs and QR-codes that break away to videos and blogs which elaborate on the various themes and activities in the book. Talk about speaking to the young mind!

The book is currently on tour in South Africa, and is available online at and selected stores. Hurry and get your copy today!

#RaisingKids LGL
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