Bystanders loot unattended beverage truck

Bystanders loot unattended beverage truck

What would you do if you saw an unattended truck with lots and lots of alcohol knowing that you could potentially get away with stealing some?

SAB Truck
screenshot / youtube / news24

What's better than money growing on a tree? Alcohol falling from the sky right?

I am a fine believer that karma is a very very real thing, and I am sure these hooligans will get their own bad voodoo back.

Sure, you can get away with pinching something under the radar but you have to live with yourself and in my opinion, what goes around comes around and the result may not be delivered from a human but rather the universe.

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What you give you get, and that goes for the words you use and the actions that you take.

So when I saw this video of these hooligans looting an unattended SAB Beverage Truck I was shocked. Woud you loot a truck knowing you could get away with it? Would you be okay with that?

Watch this video I found on News24, below and let me know your thought in the comments section.

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