Should these traffic cops be fired for 'eating money'?

Should these traffic cops be fired for 'eating money'?

With increasing crime statistics, high levels of poverty in South Africa, and carnage on our roads, this video left Jane feeling a little disappointed with these law enforcement officials. 

eating money
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Last Friday, two traffic officers came under the spotlight after a video of them 'eating money' started doing the rounds on social media. 

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I find it scary that these types of people are meant to be the people we seek solace and protection from in our time of need. Here they are pretending to eat money -  something we all work really hard to attain. They even go so far as to use the notes to pick their teeth and wipe their mouths. Urgh! 

When watching this, I thought: 'I wonder how much of the money was given over under shady circumstances?'. It just seems to be done with such disrespect and pure arrogance.

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Some might say 'get over it, it's just a bit of fun'. I don't think so when the people pretending are meant to be the ones setting an example.

According to News24, the duo has since been served with pre-suspension letters and are due to appear before the chief of police on Tuesday to give reasons as to why they should not be suspended.

Do you think these traffic police officers should be fired for bringing their department into disrepute? Share your thoughts and comments with me.

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