Uber introduces 'Quiet Driver' mode for those who hate chit-chat

Uber introduces 'Quiet Driver' mode for those who hate chit-chat

Good news for all those introverts who want a bit of peace and quiet during their ride, Uber has a new option which allows you to tell your driver to 'Shush' during your trip.

Lady getting into an Uber / iStock
Lady getting into an Uber / iStock

I'm not a fan of driving, so I tend to use taxi services often. Being the naturally talkative person I am, I love chatting with drivers and connecting with them, but at times when I'm not feeling it, a little silence is also not such a bad thing.

If you're someone that prefers the 'quiet ride' and hates answering questions from seemingly inquisitive drivers, Uber Black and Uber Black SUV are introducing an option to tell your driver you don't want to talk.

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There are a few new toggles which riders can switch on to let drivers know what they want from their driver. These would include temperature settings, help with luggage professionalism (because it's cool being 'profesh', of course), and a new quiet mode. All you need to do is hit the switch, and the driver shushes for the duration of the ride.

The Black range offers riders to choose to ride in style with a high end of vehicles which cost more than those part of the X pool of vehicles. However, it costs more - A LOT more!

We got a comment from an Uber Spokesperson regarding rolling out the feature in South Africa.

“At this time, these features were only rolled out in the USA, while we are always looking at new features and products, this is not something we are looking at launching in South Africa at this time."

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So if you want silence as you don your big glasses in a heated, high-end vehicle, there's an option for you.

Do you prefer to talk when you are in a taxi or not? Tell me about some of the experiences you've had with these drivers below.

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