The Grade 1 reading book that is angering moms everywhere

The Grade 1 reading book that is angering moms everywhere

Moms everywhere, including in Durban, are outraged by this Grade 1 government-issued book. Jane decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate further.

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A few nights ago while out at dinner, I was approached by an angry mom who asked me if I'd seen the images circulating on Facebook that had appeared in a Grade 1 SA government-issued reading book. I mentioned that I hadn't, but would look into it.

The following morning I awoke to a long email from another mom. She was irate. The mom attached the pictures and text that had appeared in the book, and it was a little alarming to say the least.

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The words used painted a very judgmental and old school perspective of the roles that mom and dad play in the home.

I am lead to believe this book was published in 1997, the year which I matriculated. I would have thought this type of narrow-minded role playing would have existed 100s of years ago, not 20 years ago?!

For me, it is concerning that children at the age of six are being taught that you need to act and look a certain way in order to fit in or be accepted by society.

I'm not a thin or tall mom, I don't cook, I do love to shop, I have tattoos, and I have a full-time job -- does that make me any less of a mom?

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I love living in a world that is so eclectic and that is something I am teaching my children to embrace daily. 

My four-year-old daughter had her first body conscious moment the other day where she wanted to cover up around the pool as her tummy was showing, and said it was big. What?!

This type of reading material adds fuel to an already smoldering fire where girls' relationships with their beautiful bodies are concerned.

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This is not on!

See the offending page below.

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Ashie Balmogim
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Ashie Balmogim

Tune into my show during this week as I investigate further and chat to the Department of Education about this book. I will also chat with the very unhappy and outraged mom who initially approached me, to get her thoughts on all of this.

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Ashie Balmogim

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