Bill Gates gives Trevor Noah's book a thumbs up

Bill Gates gives Trevor Noah's book a thumbs up

Bill Gates recommends Trevor Noah's book as one of his top five reads.

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Businessman Bill Gates has praised Trevor Noah's debut book, 'Born a Crime'.

The billionaire revealed his top five books for summer reading, and our boy Trevor made the cut. 

He described the South African comedian's mother as "the real hero of the book" in a review of the book on

"She’s an extraordinary person who is fiercely independent and raised her son to be the same way. Her greatest gift was to give her son the ability to think for himself and see the world from his own perspective. 'If my mother had one goal, it was to free my mind,' he writes. Like many fans of Noah’s, I am thankful she did," he said. 

The Microsoft co-founder also praised Noah for seeing the lighter side of his tough upbringing in SA. 

"In Noah’s hands, these moving stories are told in a way that will often leave you laughing. His skill for comedy is clearly inherited from his mother. Even after she’s shot in the face, and miraculously survives, she tells her son from her hospital bed to look at the bright side. 'Now you’re officially the best-looking person in the family,’ she jokes." 

Bill also gave Trevor props for his outstanding hosting skills on 'The Daily Show', but admitted he was worried about how the show would do after Jon Stewart's departure. 

"As popular as Noah was in South Africa, I didn’t know whether his humor would connect with American audiences. I’m happy to report that I was wrong. Millions of viewers—myself included—are tuning into The Daily Show because Noah’s show is every bit as good as Stewart’s. His humor has a lightness and optimism that’s refreshing to watch. What’s most impressive is how he uses his outside perspective to his advantage. He’s good at making fun of himself, America, and the rest of the world. His comedy is so universal that it has the power to transcend borders." 

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