Sneak peak into Taylor Swift's 'LWYMMD' zombie transformation

Sneak peak into Taylor Swift's 'LWYMMD' zombie transformation

"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead!"

taylor swift zombie

I love how invested Tay-Tay is in everything she does. 

Her latest single, 'Look What You Made Me Do', in my opinion, is not only one of the freshest tunes around, but it gets me on my feet every time I hear it. Can you believe that the video has already reached 393-million views? Tay-Tay has made everyone cray-cray over her new song.

In her music video, she plays different versions of herself and the opening shot is a tombstone with the words, 'Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation' - obviously a chance for her to throw shade at the many who have been talking about her.

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One of the characters she plays in this video is some sort of a zombie. There was no CGI here as seen in this 30-second time-lapse video which she uploaded showing her sitting in the make-up chair. This process must have been lengthy, but the end result is absolutely great!

With just over a month left until Halloween, perhaps Taylor's zombie transformation could be a new Halloween costume trend? 

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