Runaway Dobby: Elf-like creature caught on home security camera

Runaway Dobby: Elf-like creature caught on home security camera

A home security camera system has captured a bizarre sighting - enough to make anyone feel all sorts of weird once they see it.

Dobby runs away / Facebook
Dobby runs away / Facebook

I consider myself to be a "seeing is believing" type of girl, and while I know that there are some freaky things that exist in the world, sometimes it's hard to take people and stories seriously. However, this particular one - which has video proof, is just plain weird. 

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A home security camera installed in Vivian Gomez' home captured more than just wandering cats. It captured a whole 'Dobby the Elf' situation during what seems to be a weird kind of getaway. 

If you don't get the Dobby reference, it comes from the Harry Potter series, which has a male Elf-like character with the same name who basically warns Harry about people wanting to kill him.

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Okay, I digress. I thought Dobby was dead, well that was according to one of the movies. But when I saw this, I'm not quite sure if it's him or some really freaky creature creeping around at night. 

Could it really be Dobby or maybe it's something from the future? Hmm.. Either way, it's peculiar! 

Watch below:

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